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Maus Middle School9

Frisco, TX | Collin County

February 19, 2015

This is our first year at Maus and it has been wonderful. Teachers and counselors are really great with the students. I believe that most of them seek to give the students the individual attention that they need. It seems to be a very positive and encouraging environment.

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February 18, 2015

This school communication between parents and administration is horrible. If there is any issues at the school, it will take several calls to even meet or speak with someone for a resolution. I think there are way too many young teachers/staff members there that do not have the maturity to conduct business in a professional manner. Some of the teachers are great!!

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February 15, 2015

Maus Middle School is a fine school, there's nothing special about it. When you're there, you may notice that the school favors females far more than they do males to the point it's ridiculous. In lunch, girls get to class fastest and boys have to go the long route. In classes, usually if the boys do something wrong, even if the girls are doing it as well, boys will be told to "look at the girls", as if they were a good role model. However, the largest favoritism I've seen so far in this school regarding boys and girls is in any athletic class that I've attended. Here's an example of one of the instances: We had finished our warm-up and 2 boys were talking to each other, and 4 girls were talking in the back of the gym. The coach said "Girls, you can go change, boys you have 50 push-ups for talking". After this, whilst everyone was at around 20-25 push up mark, one person messed up his push-up and the coach had made us all start all over again, except this time we all did it in sync. We had to do 20 push-ups given we had little time. If your child hates favoritism or you do, do not attend this school. They largely favor girls over boys, to the point some could call it sexist.

September 30, 2013

This school is very impressive! We were transferred here from a small Texas town and my children were worried about making friends at a new school in a big city. When they walked into the office they were greeted by the staff and by Maus students and taken off for a tour. They were paired with students to make there first week less stressful. The students not only showed them around, but also made sure they did not eat alone at lunch and introduced them to all types of students. After a year of the Maus experience, I will never want to go anywhere else. The teachers are also a true asset to the school, providing tutorials if the students need help and plenty of fun activities and opportunities to participate in school functions or sports. Terrific school and amazing staff!

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June 19, 2013

Very great school. Ever since I started here, my grades have improved a lot. The principal here,Mr. McClendon is the best principal I have ever had and he is very nice too! If you are thinking about moving and you have a middle school aged kid, consider a house within the Maus boundary zone. This school will please you!

January 27, 2013

Great school. Administration is wonderful, teachers are hard but fair. Principal and VP are very involved with the school and kids. Lots of extra curricular activities for the children to get involved and start to assert their independence in a controlled safe environment.

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