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Victor High Hexter Elementary School9

Dallas, TX | Dallas County


February 12, 2015

Oops... "good citizen". and we "love" this school. Auto-correct got me on that. I apologize for that.

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January 20, 2015

Excellent school, PTA, teachers and administration. My daughter is in Kinder and we have not experienced anything negative with this elementary. The staff and teachers have been extremely pleasant and helpful in my experience. Wish their after school program, The Explorers, did not have such a long waiting list or they would open it up for more enrollment (if there is a waiting list, that speaks for itself).

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May 28, 2014

Cannot say enough great things about Hexter. We bought our house before we even thought about school for our 2 year old (we just assumed we would do a private school) and we're amazed that our neighborhood school was blue ribbon and exemplary. The parent involvement is exceptional here. Our PTA meetings are full each month. I'm proud that my son goes to school here! This is a community here and we love it!

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August 13, 2013

My two grandchildren have attended Hexter since Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our eleven year old will start Longfellow Career Exploration Academy this year but will miss Hexter so much. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the schools atmosphere, great teachers, staff and parent involvement. I can only hope that Longfellow will provide the same such environment, teachers and staff. Parent involvement is so important as well. Working together and providing support to your children and school staff is what makes a school great.

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September 26, 2012

This school is the most incompetent school I have ever encountered the principal especially with this being the first year she has a lot to learn. The influence of parents means nothing it goes in one ear and out the other so don t waste time trying to be involved or ask for certain things in regards to your child they will not listen or have empathy to situations. The expectations of the students are 500% they are living in a fairytale where everything is sweet with pink roses. There is no discipline plan in action i.e. detention/iss nothing set in place for guidelines other than perfection and if that is not met sending the child home. I will do everything I have to ensure the staff is reprimanded for making my child hate school at five years of age.

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July 12, 2012

i'm giving this school 3 stars because it isn't altogether a bad school. there are many wonderful teachers and the sense of community is very strong as is evident in the PTA involvement and the incredibly successful fundraising efforts they have throughout the year. having said that, there are definitely some teachers who aren't that experienced and seem subpar or who are too tired and have let their enthusiasm slip. unless you're lucky enough to get certain teachers, it's almost a crapshoot. they are, however, better than most in the district from what i can gather by listening to other teachers and subs in DISD- this school is definitely a gem amongst the failed district. very sad. the principal is who you need to watch out for. she's highly politically motivated and many of her minions on the PTA are misguided about this. her best interests are focused on her reputation and her succession in rank, not on her school, kids, or community. she's guided by rumor and self-indulgance, she's incapable of making wise executive decisions when presented with crises, and will go out of her way to intimidate anyone who may voice their opinion. this school is full of sheep in that way.

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May 9, 2012

My son has attended Hexter for 2 years and we have been very happy. I have not had any trouble getting responses from the teachers or other staff when I have a question or concern, They have always been very helpful to me and my son. When he was struggling academically, his teacher met with me and provided me with resources to help him at home. I highly recommend this school.

January 2, 2012

My son has been at Hexter for 3 years. He loves it and we love it. Previously he was at a private school, but we decided to try Hexter since it is a blue ribbon school and we are in the Hexter neighborhood. I was surprised that the academics were actually stronger than at the $15K/year private school he previously attended. I also think my son benefits from the diverse student environment. I could not be happier with Hexter and the faculty.

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May 31, 2011

I'm very surprised by the positive reviews given our extremely negative experience. My child, who was a model student at his previous school, started Hexter and begin hanging around with troublesome children (of which there are many) quickly. He was getting in trouble several times a week and the teacher didn't seem to care. We pulled him out of the school as quickly as possible and put him in a private school where his behavior and academic perfomance started to improve almost immediately. Like others have said, getting feedback from the school is a slow, painful process. That is if you can get any help or feedback. The only positive thing I have to say about this school is that it is free. With the upcoming budget cuts, I'm sure things will get even worse. Do your child a favor and look elsewhere.

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October 28, 2010

The lack of organization at Hexter is very frustrating. Some teachers seldom e-mail you back. I agree completely to the previous comment stating it is hard to get feedback or help as well. I wish I had money for a private school.

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January 7, 2010

Whether or not you like this school is totally dependent upon your expectations. If you believe that Hexter is an adequate substitute for a private school, you will be sorely disappointed. The class sizes are large and, as with any school in DISD, the resources are limited so students are given very little, if any, individual attention. Although the teachers and principal are very caring, the school is generally disorganized it is difficult to get feedback or help. While about a third of the parents are very committed to supporting the school, the majority of parents simply drop their kids off and could care less what happens there. The majority of students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and often require additional help and services. However, if you are considering this as an option to another DISD school, it is probably better than most and you may well be happy there.

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December 11, 2009

We love Hexter. We have two children in school there, and our expectations (our hopes, even) have been exceeded repeatedly. The principal is professional and makes great decisions for the school. One of the best signs of the culture here is that the teachers love the principal. They say she understands what is required for an outstanding education and she continues to give them the resources they need to provide that. The teachers are highly educated, warm and caring, and go above and beyond to help each and every child succeed (whether they are ahead of grade level, behind, or in the middle). The art and music teachers are incredibly gifted, and the enrichment they provide to the academics is immeasurable. The parent community is amazing. The PTA is a positive, energetic force for improvement school-wide. So many involved parents, caring teachers, great kids, and probably the best school in DISD!

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August 20, 2009

My kids and I love Hexter. My support both physical and financial along with my children has been going there for 3-4 years. I tried enrolling my youngest this morning only to find that not only can she not attend neither can my sons. I was told that due to zoning (keep in mind we re still in the same house) they are supposed to go elsewhere. I m upset and they especially the oldest will be heart broken when I tell them. He was already promised a spot on the basketball team.

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June 12, 2009

My daughter attended Hexter for her 2008-2009 5th grade year. The 5th grade teachers are very attentive and concerned about there students. My daughter, coming from a school that only focused on passing the TAKS test, not only caught up with the other students in her class but learned and ENJOYED so much from her teachers. They worked so hard and deligently not giving up to help her get caught up with the other students and to be prepared to pass the TAKS test. Which she did pass! Every day she was so excited to go to school to see her new friends and teachers. And I thank every teacher that helped her make it through. This is truly a great school!

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June 11, 2009

My granchild has been at Hexter since the Fall of 2007 when he started Kindergarten. We are still at ease every morning when we drop him off into the capable hands of the many great teachers and staff at Hexter. I love the communication and involvemnent. They are really deserving of their Exemplary status and more...

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