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Highland Park High School9

Dallas, TX | Dallas County

September 26, 2014

i am a current sophomore at hp and i can tell you that your experience at hphs will be how you make it. yes, we are very non-diverse school with only 5 african american people in our school of about 2000. the pressure at hp can get very very overwhelming. theres is always the pressure to keep up with all the fancy new things people are wearing or buying and the drug and alchohol influence is very high considering about 98% of the highschool's population drinks. If you are a confident person who isnt afraid to be themselves, highland park high school would be a great choice for you. If you are easily influenced and/or have low self assurance i would say hp is not a great choice.

Submitted by a student

September 22, 2014

Segregated white high school in a little city separated from the surrounding community by a bubble. Today the school suspended seven books already being read in classes because parents complained the books addressed adult issues. One writer's visit was canceled. The books included The Working Poor; Invisible in America and Song of Solomon, among other establisheand acclaimed works. The thought control may work. The students may grow up to be as closed-minded as their parents.

April 15, 2012

Nothing will prepare you for the amount of pressure your child will go through. There is a massive amount of homework, that often requires these kids to be up until 1am to finish. The academic sector operates as if there are no sports, and the sport sectors operate as if there is no academcs. We came from a private school environment that focused on teaching course material rather than teaching college exams. My children no longer enjoy school, and my daughter sometimes gets up in the morning throwing up because of the pressure. Yes, the "Bubble" is beautiful, but this school is the example of the pressure cited in the movie "Road to Nowhere."

Submitted by a parent

December 18, 2008

Great extracurricular activities, and fantastic teachers. One of the best schools (private or public) you can possibly enroll your child in.

Submitted by a parent

November 16, 2008

One of the best in the nation! It doesn't get any better in public education, and beats many private schools as well.

Submitted by a parent

July 30, 2007

I've had three children graduate from HPISD, the last in '07. It is a very challenging environment. Parents are very involved.

Submitted by a parent

March 31, 2007

I went to Bradfield,The Middle School and I'll be in the highschool next year. Highland Park is a great school and we learn alot. Sure its hard socially and academically, but if your not up for the challenge go home its tough but we work hard and thats what were known for. I love HP I and I dont want to leave in 4 years.

Submitted by a student

June 5, 2006

Fantastic school as long as you have attended the elementary and middle schools that feed students into this school. Most other public schools will not have prepared your children for the demands that the school places on the students.

Submitted by a parent

January 15, 2006

I just moved from Colorado to Highland Park, and the students there were so kind and nice to me, it wasn't hard to make friends at all. And the teachers are very supportive and most of the time they are reasonable. HP is a great school and a wonderful learning enviornment. Go SCOTS!

Submitted by a student

October 26, 2005

Extreme parental involvement makes for a highly competitive atmosphere. Most students rank very high in academic achievement and are pushed to take honors classes. Very good educational opportunities as well as a great sports program.

Submitted by a former student

April 20, 2005

As a former student, I can testify to the exemplary academic side to HP. Many of the teachers have PhDs and the school site offers many amenities. However, the student population is very concerned with fitting in - the right look, the right car, the right clothes, etc. This is true to a certain degree in every high school, but it seems to reach its apogee at HP. If your child isn't one of the beautiful people, be careful.

Submitted by a former student

December 20, 2004

HPHS is a great school. Generally the comments listed here are accurate. I am actually a former teacher and I had to leave due to the poor leadership from the Principal and Superintendent. I loved the students and parents in HP, but could no longer be a part of a faculty behind leadership that was so misguided. If you are a parent you really should ask why some of the best teachers have left HPHS. I have a master's degree, 10 years of teaching experience, and taught successful AP classes. I would never have considered leaving HP had it not been for the poor leadership. I hope for the sake of the students and HPHS that the current leadership is replaced soon. If not, a continued decline in state rating, national merit finalist, etc. will continue.

Submitted by a teacher

December 9, 2004

Teachers care about the students. They give their best efforts to enhance student learning.

Submitted by a teacher

September 9, 2004

I go to highland park and i am proud to go there... It is one of the top high schools and the teachers make it fun for everybody... I love Highland Park!

Submitted by a student

May 11, 2004

The TAG program is sizable, terrific in HS. Skip JH. Athletics are pervasive and well-roundedness encouraged. Competitive place. Kids who can compete thrive. Definitely college prep. Example, the entire sophomore class takes a dry run PSAT. AP course students must take accompanying exams. Overall, the HS has excellent, dedicated teachers. The best get recruited by State administration frequently. One department head is a Milken Teacher of the Year. HP takes pride in State and National commendations and orients programs and management to retain those. This is not always positive, i.e., catering Newsweek's best HS's list based on AP exam volume, AP courses are now pushed where teachers orient to pass rate instead of best student attention. Still, discount decrease in Merit Scholars. The 2005 class is brainy like 2002. It's about who's in the class. English, Journalism, Debate school par excellence. Not renown for math and science, but opportunity possible.

Submitted by a parent

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