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Turner High School4

Carrollton, TX | Dallas County

March 30, 2015

Turner is not only a school, but a home. It has provided me with the greatest education a gal like me can ask for. Not only were the teachers so loving and generous, but the student body was inspiring. They would roar in the stands at football games, and win or lose they would bleed blue. Being a lion was not something you are given, but something you earn. I genuinely miss walking down the hall ways and feeling the spirit of Turner in every corner. "... hail to Turner High!" the entire schools chants at pep-rallies where we would cheer on our school and all of our outstanding, award winning programs and sports. It was a blessing being a lion and being able to say I bled blue. I highly recommend Turner. It's gr8 yo.

Submitted by a student

January 18, 2014

If you are black and from another country, don't take your children to RL Turner. In other words if you are from Africa don't take your kids to this school. Kids from Africa are discriminated against and no one says a thing. Teachers, counsellors pretend nothing is happening. Racism is serious at this school. WARNING! this school will not accept credits from Africa! I was really shocked when one of my kids was placed in 9th grade despite being in 12th grade in Africa. When I complained, no one cared. I had to remove my children in a hurry coz they were severely depressed. My child's grades were later accepted in another school district and she has since graduated. And to make matters worse they don't have too many high schools in this school district so you don't have too many options. Do some research before moving to this area. We moved from Dallas to Addison thinking Addison fell under Richardson School District little did we know it was in CFBISD. Other black parents with kids who came from other countries are removing their kids too. By the way most African kids in America do better in school I don't see reason why credits from Africa can't be accepted.

Submitted by a parent

July 20, 2013

I like Turner for my Child. He has made very good grades and has met lifetime good kids in the METSA Program which prepares a student for college like courses. A parent heps make a good student.

Submitted by a parent

February 22, 2013

I have had two students go from K-12th in CFBISD. Turner has been a great school, awesome school spirit and staff. The new small learning communities are a big benefit to students that start as freshmen and attend all 4 years. Our youngest will graduate in May, and she is extremely well prepared for college, as was our oldest. No matter where you go to school, volunteering and parent involvement is still important.

Submitted by a parent

January 27, 2013

I have two kids who live in the CFBISD area.Parents know your hand book, policies and TEA information. Janie Stark Elementary school is AMAZING!Its the Middle school and high school they get lost and the faculty are desensitized.

Submitted by a parent

April 25, 2012

I loved Turner in '95, and my son loves it now in 2012. As far as the tardy rule we have never a problem. He only has gotten one tardy and it was dismissed. If your child shows up on time, has desire to suceed and works at it, this school will allow them the freedom and comfortable enviroment needed. I get emails from his teachers and coach, and from the 9th grade counslers even calls from the assistant principal with progress reports. My son has requested when we move we gotta move to Turner territory.

Submitted by a parent

November 2, 2011

I am 2011 alumni. For the first year and a half of high school I attended Newman Smith High School down the street from Turner. I had a horrible experience with Newman Smith as a whole. The teachers, principals, and counselors have absolutely no sympathy for their students. Their philosophy seems to be guilty until proven innocent and they certainly enforce this. Because of this and other issues with them, my mother and I agreed to transfer over to R. L. Turner where she and my older brother had graduated from. We were very pleased with the change because immediately I was accepted with my peers and with the administration. Turner allows their students to make the right decisions on their own and because of this it builds great character in their students. I recommend this school for students who want to have a great relationship with their peers and teachers who are also wonderful.

Submitted by a student

January 28, 2011

Unrealistic expectations of any teenager growing up in this neighborhood sets them up for failure If you walk into class even as the bell is ringing-you are sent to the 'tardy tank' 3 times is an ue absence and you miss 2 class PERIODS-not days-straight to court where $ is the motivation. I don't blame kids for simply skipping the entire class period if they know they may be even a few seconds late they will not be allowed to attend the class anyway The school is forcing students to miss a whole day's lecture over a tardy. My daughter was approached by a girl in the lunchroom who hit her in the face so daughter swung and hit her back. My daughter & the other girl were ticketed & sent to the alternative school for 30 days. My daughter made good grades and went to school daily but because she defended herself against an attacker-she was punished. The policy is to 'duck and cover' when someone begins attacking you at school. It's ridiculous. Even the officer said so. The tardy rule is the reason kids are finally just skipping classes, then whole days, then dropping out. They need to get with it and realize THEY are the one's ruining kids future's by their ludicrous views.

Submitted by a parent

October 9, 2010

Because my daughter goes there!

Submitted by a parent

November 13, 2008

I think Turner is an AMAZING school. Teachers, students, and principals get along just fine. There's a friendly person greeting you at every corner and it amazes me how students always give it their all to prove everyone wrong. Turner might not be winning district championships but they have the thing that matters the most which is character.... Like their slogan says 'character Counts'. I think students have a really good idea of what character is. If you don't know turner don't hesitate to give it a tour, you will see that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. 'Cheer, cheer for old Turner High Lift up her colors, long may they fly Send the volley cheer on high; Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds may be great or small Old Turner High will win over all While her loyal sons go marching Onward to victory !'

Submitted by a parent

August 1, 2006

I have found Turner to be a great school. It is in a bad neighborhood, but but the school is safer than any other high school in the district. The activities are great, and the teachers are understanding. What amazes me most are the students. You would imagine a school like this to have groups and fights at every corner. However, people of all races, genders, and religions are friends. I really enjoy this school, and would ask that parents and students give us a chance. People have a tendency to prejudge us, label us when they've never attended this school. So please give us a chance. If you come and meet us, you'll see that we don't agree with prejudice.

Submitted by a staff

September 4, 2003

I graduated from Turner in 2001. I really enjoyed all my teachers. Mr. Holland did an excellent job all the time, especially when we had things happen. The football program is turning around. It was good in the 60's and 70's and then turned south. Now its getting great once again. Get'em Lions!

Submitted by a former student

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