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Mohawk Elementary School9

Richardson, TX | Dallas County


January 13, 2015

Great school! Principal Wilson is creative and effective administrator. She knows all of the children and what there needs are. Teachers are good, many are great! Lots of space for the kids and supportive PTA we have been very happy here with both children. We moved into this neighborhood for this school and it was a great decision - small town in a big city!

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April 13, 2013

We moved into the Prairie Creek Elem school district (Jan. 2013) but were overflowed to Mohawk Elem. His reading has really taken off and his math skills are great! He really likes his teacher (Miss Gaviao) and his classmates so we hesitate to try to get into Prairie Creek next year. Families are very friendly and down to earth and the PTA is great!

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October 1, 2012

ive been at this school all my k/6 and i loved it.its the most amzing feeling u can get from that school.they help you and teach you so much!!!loved it so much and dont want to leave!!!1

October 7, 2010

For the past several years ( As a dad ), one always has doubt ( in todays world ) about how a school/teachers relate to our children. In the class-room, in the halls, lunch, and recess . Do the teachers do there part in making sure all of the kids feel confident and safe? Well, no school is perfect, I understand and realize that. However I must say that from what I have both heard and witnessed, Mohawk has done an excellent job in all phasis to keep learning fun and to keep our children safe. I hope this effort continues, but have one small request. Keep up the good work and make sure no kids are excluded from any sort of activities that can boost there self-esteem (any age!!). Great job Mohawk, and thank you! So far-----I have to give you guys a thumbs up!!! Signed: A Happy Dad!!

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August 22, 2010

The academics are great and age appropriate. The teachers are hit and miss and the school leadership will do little to help if there is bad chemistry.

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December 18, 2008

Wow! I've been absolutely amazed with this school, the principle, the teachers, the environment, and above average education. Absolutely thrilled. They use positive reinforcement and self management SO well, I couldn't be happier, and my daughter is thrilled to go to school every day. She loves it! Thank You Thank You!

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January 29, 2008

Mohawk is a small school feel with above average parent involvement. Academics seem lacking, though that could be due to the RISD encouragement to teach solely to the TAKS. We do not currently use a math curriculum developed by a publisher or text book. RISD admin draws up worksheets that are then copied for the students. Teachers are very nice but some are short tempered. Some of our 'small school' charm seems to be fading due to the influx of transfer students. All grades K-3 are above average.

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July 18, 2007

My daughter just finished kindergarten here. Mohawk is leaps and bounds above other RISD schools in academics, parental involvement, teaching staff and opportunities. Great school.

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December 29, 2006

We moved one mile north just to enroll our daughter at Mohawk when she began 1st grade. She is now in the fifth grade and we're more convinced than ever we made the right decision. The teachers are incredible, the communication is excellent and we never hesitate to email or pick up the phone with any concern. Heavy parental involvement. It is a small school and feels like a private school where each child is known by name and the atmosphere is positive and caring.

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September 19, 2006

We recently moved to the area. Having come from an Exemplary district we were apprehensive about the transition. Thankfully, we have had no problems whatsoever. Mohawk is a wonderful neighborhood school where the parents are friendly and the teachers caring. Our child is enjoying the gifted and talented pull out program and is looking forward to 4th grade when the GT 'Reach' students are bussed to another school one day/week. The afterschool program is great. The afterschool teachers are kind and the program has both full and part time rates. Although we haven't been there long Mohawk has been a great fit for our family's needs.

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January 20, 2006

Mohawk for most kids is an awsome school. The academics are good for Texas. The staff works hard for consistently high scores and it is a blue ribbon school. There is a lot of opportunity for tutoring. The art teacher is super. The projects are creative and always add an element of art history. The parents are super involved.

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