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Argyle High School9

Argyle, TX | Denton County

February 5, 2014

I am currently an eighth grade student in AMS. Just like what some other reviews have said about if you don't have any interests in sports, not to come to this school. These are correct. , personally don't play any sports and I'm in the band. I get made fun of a lot about " being fat because you don't play football." One more complaint too: wealthieness. I have looked around our school ever since I was in fourth grade for people with iPhones (almost everyone). And still, 9/10 of the schools population has better phones than my mom my dad and brother.I also get bullied about how " I'm poor because I have a $15 go phone." However, there is still 1/10 of our school that hasn't become spoiled rotten. So all in all, if you are a modest to low living family, your kid will get bullied, but have some cool friends. If you are a rich family, you're set, I just hope that I'm not slammed against a locker by him/ her. The teachers are great except for the few that don't actually like their jobs. You can just see it in their eyes.

Submitted by a student

December 4, 2013

This school has many teachers who try to get jobs teaching here so their own children can attend here. That says a lot about how great of a school this is!

Submitted by a parent

December 4, 2013

This school is an amazing school with lots of teacher and parent over achievers support. They excel at EVERYTHING they attempt and don't settle for anything less. It's more of a college prep school. The whole community raises these kids and many of the teachers are also parents of the students.

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August 12, 2012

School does a great job academically and athletically. They won the Lone Star cup again.

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July 4, 2011

My child will be entering her junior year and I am very concerned if she will be prepared for college; I do not think the school concentrates on academics, they are more concerned with athletics; especially football. I realize it's a cultural thing in Texas, people live and breathe sports. The other issue I have is that it's supposedly a PUBLIC school but religion is shoved down the students throats. If I wanted my child to have a religious education, I would have sent her to a private Christian school. And because Argyle is a wealthy community, the drug and alcohol problems with students is VERY high. Don't let the administration tell you different, there is a big problem there. If you are a minority or if you are not in a high income bracket, your student will not be accepted. It's a typical all white, wealthy superficial Texas school. We moved to Argyle because it was supposedly such a great school district but that is not the case.

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October 6, 2010

The Argyle Schools show some negative raves from parents from 2006 & 2005, however the new Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright has seen to it that the schools now have a score of 10 out of 10 for Great Schools. Academics are extremely important to all the Administration and teachers. Championship Athletic programs are a plus along with Award winning band and those programs are the extras that keep many kids in school and moving on to college. Without extra curricular activities young children to young high schooler would perhaps become dropouts. Come checkout Argyle schools before you make a negative judgement. We may be small be we developing tomorrows leaders.

January 10, 2006

You can see why Texas is graduting only about a third of high school students who are 'college ready' when you move to the Argyle School District. It's all about sports and band here. Academics are just something to pass the time until the end of the day when extracurricular activities begin. The School Board pays lip service to academics and the administrators of the district compares our falling ratings to other districts instead of accepting resposibility for them. Leadership is sorely lacking.

Submitted by a parent

April 20, 2005

This school is great if all your child cares about is sports. We have all kinds of sports and we'll probably add more in the future. As far as academics, don't ecxpect much and you won't be disappointed. We have a handful of great teachers, but we also can't keep good ones around very long. We're more interested in finding out what a teacher can coach rather than what they can teach our students. There is little to no support from the administration of the school and your complaints about discipline and leadership fall on deaf ears. Safety isn't a problem, but discipline IS. Discipline is inconsistent and arbitrarily administered depending on the level of outrage by the parent of the child involved in the incident.

Submitted by a parent

March 30, 2005

This high school is very young (only two classes have graduated) and appears to be experiencing growing pains. the district is spending a lot of money on a wonderful campus but so far we have not been satisfied with the level of academics and the general attitude of students and some teachers. there is a general level of disrespect and lack of motivation by students to excell at academics. I am unsure how it compares to other public high schools but so far we have not been impressed. Our concern is that the students are not challenged and may not be prepared for college. A new principal was brought in last school year who has had the challenge of trying to improve moral and relationships of students and teachers. i would say that he is working hard to improve the situation but there is still a ways to go.

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