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Denton, TX | Denton County

May 25, 2014

I know that schools have lots of rules but if my kid is missing an assignment I am glad they don't put her in detention. Detention should be reserved for children who behave badly or children who refuse to do their work. My young adult has missed a few assignments, but she is responsible enough to talk with her teacher to get the assignment turned in in a timely manner. If every kid who missed an assignment went to detention the school would need a new wing for detention. There are a lot of kids at guyer who have appointments for the Dr or dentist, college visits, UIL, athletics, Band, and choir. The child would be better served by parents who check on their grades on the online resource for parents, then let their child know they need to take care of their business in the classroom. After all your goal as a parent should be to raise your children to to be responsible adults. That process starts with you as the parent showing your own child how to be responsible for their actions, instead of having the school administration do it for you.

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May 24, 2014

My daughter was held down on a desk and punched in the head multiple times during class. The teacher was in the room, on her computer at the time. It was recorded by another student on their cell phone and they bullied my daughter with the video saying they were going to post it. When we went to the principal he yelled at my daughter for not being more kind to the perpetrator. Administration saw the video but would not allow us to. We know from other students that it was unprovoked. As far as we know there was no consequence for the student or teacher involved. We have been told that it was "taken care of" and there is nothing more to be done.

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April 28, 2014

Unless your child participates in UIL activities, this school may not be for you. It is focus first on athletics and education does not seem to be a priority. The programs they have in place to help the children are not even in force. They have a program to put the child in detention if they are missing an assignment, as outlined on their website, but when we asked why my child was not put in detention, the asst principal said, "we don't really do that." We moved last year to upgrade our school district. Unfortunately it was a downgrade.

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April 2, 2014

Guyer High School is a great school with a community feel. The staff are very helpful and kind. The Teachers and Coaches are willing to go the extra mile to help your student be as successful as they want to be. It is the responsibility of the parent to instill a good work ethic in their children and then the Teachers can help the child acomplish all the success that the child is willing to work for. This is the standard at Guyer, as long as the child wants to learn and succeed the Teachers and Coaches will give every effort to make that possible.

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January 14, 2014

I am proud to be the parent of 2 Guyer Wildcats one academicaly driven and the other a Varsity Athletics Member. I am thankful for the environment that Guyer provides my teens, an environment of positive reinforcement and support to achieve their accomplishments on their own, make mistakes and learn from them and to be successful Adults in life.

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November 19, 2013

The athletics in this school are very competitive and very challenging. The coaches are strict and if you participate in a sport, be prepared to pay a lot of money for fundraising and equipment.The counselors are not as helpful as you would think they are. They appear to be nice, but will hardly do anything to change your schedule and you have to make an appointment way in advance to even be able to talk to one. The freshman principal is not helpful either. However, the fine arts programs are wonderful and have a friendly atmosphere. Many teachers are not enthusiastic about their job or do not know much about their subject. Textbook work is all that happens. Although I am only a freshman, I have already experienced difficulties and annoyances with Guyer.

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September 18, 2013


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September 13, 2013

Guyer High School is a disgrace to education, very few teachers are there for anything other than a paycheck. My daughter was bullied, harrassed and hazed, by both students and teachers, especially in the athletics departments. Administration did nothing to protect or defend her, and one teacher even told me that "she is not their to babysit, they are on their own". If not for us pulling her out of that school I truley believe she would not be with us today. Unless your child is a football player, avoid this school if possible. Her first comment after attending her new school: "wow Mom, they actually care if I learn something here".

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October 3, 2011

My daughter attended another high school in town but graduated from GHS. It is a large school with many opportunities, but feels like a family atmosphere. I appreciate the fact that the principal works to keep the class sizes as small as possible. The teacher and administrators really care about kids and are involved in providing an excellent, challenging, learning environment.

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June 2, 2011

Guyer is a great school with great teachers and coaches for all the students as i have seen. Keep up the good work!

May 4, 2011

Parents: It is YOUR responciblity to provide a good kid to the school that will learn & not hinder other students. Don't throw off your responcibilty to the school to raise your bad child. If you don't like what the school is doing then get involved. Exchange studends, when local students are doing well them Ok other wise not at the exspence of local students just becouse you can host!. Sport should come second to good grade & real learning, not the other way around like most USA schools.

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January 28, 2011

Our family has the means to let an exchange student stay in our home and even applied and was approved but the principal will not allow us to enter one into this school. They say they don't have room. So this lead me to believe the school is over crowded or they just don't want any exchange students. If that is the case then the students are missing out on a learning experience that many other schools allow.

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May 31, 2009

Guyer, which is now finishing it's fourth year is a competitive school in all areas of academics, athletics, and fine arts. It has grown to be the best school in the city. The teachers are there for the students, and they are always understanding. The school really excels in the science program and fine arts department, with a quickly growing athletic program. The school is well run, the office always communicates with the staff, and in turn the students are more informed creating a calm environment.

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April 24, 2009

I transfered to guyer from ryan and guyer is wayyy better. The teachers help you when you need it and they always keep the students behaved. Iloveit!

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April 11, 2009

My son goes to school there. The administrators, counselors, and faculty are amazing. The teachers push the students to work hard and achieve. My emails and phone calls have been returned and teachers seem to truly care about their students. His coaches encourage him even though he's not the strongest athlete. They support the academics as well as their sport. We are truly lucky to have our son at such a strong and positive school.

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