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Navo Middle School8

Aubrey, TX | Denton County

March 4, 2015

The staff cares more about themselves than the students. Never got a call back from the superintendent, either.

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August 27, 2014

For some parents who have just switched to this school,there are way to many students who attend this school,making teachers unorganized at the beginning of school.Personally I love this school,the teachers really push their students to do the best they can do,and my daughter has improved so much from this school.The music&arts program is amazing,the teachers to.The Choir teacher Mrs.Sadler has brought the Navo Middle School Varsity Treble Choir to TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) 2014 convention and this year they will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City to be the first middle school choir group with a solo concert. My daughter loves that,also the principal is a great guy,who thrives for excellence in these students. I realize some people may not like this school,but when you think about the little things and how the teachers have so much stuff on their hands you re-think your choice. Basically this school is excellent in all areas,nice teachers and Smart,Bold Students.

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July 27, 2014

My daughter attended a different middle school in the district before we moved here. While she loved her old school, I feel as a parent this one has been better for her. She was a good student to begin with, but grades improved even more at Navo. She really connected with several of the 8th grade teachers. I could tell many of these teachers care quite a bit for their students. We were often here for practices late and would see 1 teacher leaving 2-3 hours after school was out every night. The choir teacher was fantastic, very deserving of the teacher of the year award that she won. She went above and beyond for those kids, and taught them to sing various styles. I never had any interaction with the principal, but the office staff was friendly and helpful any time I came in.

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February 25, 2014

This school is a joke. I wish I would have never bought my house in this community so my child would not have to go to this school. The teachers don't care.....they give zero's at the drop of a hat. Teachers don't care about striving for excellence, just meritocracy. The classes are crowded and the teachers are overwhelmed. Get it together Navo Middle school.

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October 8, 2013

This is the best school for my child education. I love this schoo My child loves it too.

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March 1, 2012

Well this is my first year of navo and oh my gosh the first day of school was crazy I always got my locker jam and I asked the teachers if they can help and they said u can do it by yourself and I was 5 mins late to my 6thperiod and middle school got a little worst for P.E. they ask if who wants to be in athletic I said I wanted to but they makes run a lot and they won't let u stop for a second I quieted when they'd ask and I choose P.E. and we run MORE THAN THE PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO BE ATHLETICS AND WE HAVE TO RUN like 30 or 44 laps in 35:00mins and I threw up while we were running I threw up in the trash can and I told my coach that I threw up and she SAID I WAS OK AND I WASN'T AND I GOT IN TROUBLE FOR SLOWING DOWN AND VOMITING SO NOW WE STILL RUN LESS NOW BECAUSE IT SPRING NOW AND IT GETS HOT.but this school is good a little because I met this cute guy and me and him are in choir and I luv it because we have the same elective but he has choir first with all the boys and I have choir 3 period with all girls but he on the same hall with me :) and me and him are good friends and I hope he In the the same hall next year because I really like him a lot he knows that I like him

August 22, 2011

This is my kids first year at Navo Middle School and I was so surprised to see how unorganized and unhelpful the staff is. The six grade picnic was a joke. Rather than having a picnic in an empty cafeteria it would have made more sense to let everyone line up in the cafeteria to get the lockers numbers instead of hundreds of people lined up outside for 20 minutes in 104 degree temps. There were no signs posted on what line to stand in and no one came out to help. Such a horrible experience, especially coming from an Exemplary school in Frisco ISD. The first day was worse. My kids lockers were still broken and they had to carry 20 lbs worth of supplies for four hours. Why does a middke school require kids to share school supplies? I spent $250 on school supplies for four kids and they will not be sharing. I'm a property tax payer and we have to pay $10.00 for a planner and they are provided in Frisco. I feel like my kids are going backwards rather than forwards which is why my kids will be going back to Frisco ISD. My sixth grader is forced to take choir because they only have 25 seats for art. How ridiculous....

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May 5, 2011

I agree!!! My child has been given iss for stupid things like throwing away a piece of paper in the trash can!!! Putting away a marker and more ridiculous things...they need better training instead of iss for every single move they make...

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May 2, 2011

This school uses ISS for absolutely every infraction a child does. The days of detentions are no more. I have not been happy with this school since a couple new teachers and principals have arrived. ISS should never be used in the form and fashion that it is for these kids at this school. I feel this school has bias opinions , lack of good communication with parents, and not there to help children. They just toss kids out of the classroom instead of remembering why they chose to be teachers in the first place. ISS is used in no way I have ever witnessed before

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July 22, 2010

Went here for all 3 years. Had some bullieing problems in 6th grade but t got bettter. Not much drugs and sex going around. Vandalism is bad though. Lots of writing in the bathrooms. clubs are awesome. And so are all the athletics and the fine arts.

April 21, 2010

SEX and DRUGS sign me up!! This is not true since I've been there I have heard no stories of students getting laid or smoking a jay at school. Also with the no care in the world part isn't that a good thing a shcool is better with out a lot of stressed out kids. Also I will have to disagree with the person who said there is writings on the wall, this school is very nicely maintained.

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April 5, 2010

If anyone should know what this school is like it's me. I'm in 8th grade and can say this school is terrible. Kids bully and harass other kids, they're having sex, doing drugs, and don't have a care in the world about anything. For a new school, there's writing all over the walls and the whole school is just very disorganized. Main problem: bullies!

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March 7, 2010

well for sure this school does not do drugs, have gangs, or do such a thing I have been there for 3 years 6-8 and the teachers are great expecally the math teacher for 8th grade she is very nice and will help anyone that needs help

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February 26, 2010

School counselors are wonderful and do all they are permitted to do to help the students. Teachers are wonderful ! As for the Principle and Assistant Principle, They have a god like attitude telling parents their kids should fight if there is a problem because what they say goes for discipline. They have no reguard for students well being or safety and dismiss their own staff when problems are brought to their attention. The staff even states that the Principle and Vice principle sweep things under the rug to make themselves look better for self promotion. Bullying is a major issue and if parents get to involved they call the kids liars. Have you ever heard of a principle that uses Dis is out of the question or Dat aint right. ? The last I checked Dis is spelled this and Dat is that. Scary ! Ubonics by heads what next!

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February 18, 2010

As of right NOW, I have had no problems w/ this school. My daughter is in the 6th grade, (and I am picky).

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