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Anderson Elementary School8

Conroe, TX | Montgomery County

January 9, 2013

The most beneficial way of handling the high ESL population would be to include English speakers in Spanish classes with the goal for English speakers to attain Spanish fluency and vise versa. The job market in TX and other states is far more open to those who are bilingual, and elementary school is the perfect time to attain another language (the US is backward in this regard). I would love for my children to pick up any Spanish, but they haven't because the school completely divides the children by language. All English or all Spanish. The staff are friendly. The school has several activities over the year, though I feel they're bent more toward entertainment than toward education. The teachers' communication has improved; they send home weekly newsletters. The PTO struggles since the school boundaries encompass a huge geographical area. The school website is seriously underused as a tool for communication between parents and the administration. The school could be much better about maintaining specific and timely communication with parents. I have to call in to find out the bus has a flat, etc.? It's not bad, but there's room for improvement.

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July 5, 2012

By stating that the school focuses on Spanish, I hadn't yet read the prior review in which they stated the focus is on ESL...that is EXACTLY what I meant! Everyone in America should speak English!!! Our children's education shouldn't be compromised! My daughter learned more Spanish this past year which is good but I would of prefered her to learn to read & speak proper English as a 1st priority!

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July 4, 2012

This school is too focused on English as a second language programs. If your child already speaks English they will fall behind at this school. This should really be a specialty/focused school and Conroe ISD should give parents the option of sending their children elsewhere.

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September 29, 2010

Iam an ex student now I attended Anderson from Pre-K-4 and i have been out of there for abuot 8 years now. My brother is currently at Anderson now and i go and visit all the time and it's good to see some of the same teachers when I was there still there teaching, meaning the school is a great school to stay there as long as they have. My brother is learning so much and just getting smarter thanks to the teachers and staff here. They take their time teaching their students and really enforce No Child Left Behind. The staff is always there helping and supporting every child and every child's need. The Special Education team si a wonderful group and makes sure each student is reaching theur goal along with more goals that their teachers know they can accomplish. They never give up on their students expecting high and knowing their students can accomplish anything.

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January 20, 2010

its a fabulous and a awesome school to be in.

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July 28, 2008

My grandson excelled this past year. Awesome teacher, classmates, office personnel and principal

July 30, 2007

Anderson's special education department was wonderful for my son. They actually listen to the parents input and take it to heart. My son was in Life skills. I knew he was capable of more. I requested he be placed in Resource class and they put him in resource for reading and math. He has progressed so much in 6 months, that it really amazed me. I really owe this to the wonderful teachers in Resource and Life skills, and a special thanks to the Diagnostician also. She takes a special interest in the kids and leaves the parents with a comforting feeling. The principal keeps the parents informed of any information that they need to know also. This school goes above and beyond. Thank you to the special ed department, diagnostician and the principal, from one grateful parent.

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